The Future of This Blog ♡

Hi there! Welcome to my blog! I wanted to start off this page by writing up a simple post to let you know what I plan on doing with this space. If you already know me through my YouTube channel or my Instagram page, then you know I am a woman of many loves.
I am a:
wife to Andy since 2015
stepmom to SkyLeigh
mom to Griffin and Lorelai
award-winning makeup artist
8 courses away from my bachelor’s degree
former etsy shop owner (on vacation for now!)
small business owner with my husband (HVAC company!)
• huge Disney lover
and now, blogger!
I have wanted to start a blog for YEARS. I’ve always drug out the process of creating one. But this has been such a dream passion project of mine, so here I am!

What I plan to do here:
This will definitely be a hodge podge of ALL the things I love!
♡ Home Projects
♡ Kids Activities (with free printables too!)
♡ Stories as a wife & mom
♡ Beauty related posts!
♡ Home Projects
♡ …. and more!

I’d love for you to subscribe to this blog and bear with me as I learn this platform! I welcome all feedback and comments here! I hope to make new friends and can’t wait to share more with you.


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wife – mommy to 3 – makeup artist

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  1. i always wanted you to do “Late Nights with Lo” or “Lowdown with Lo” on your YT channel!! so glad you can now do that on your blog!!💕


  2. This makes my heart explode! More content from one of my favorites! Excited to continue following your journey as you chase down your dreams!


  3. So so excited!!! You’ve grown so much since I started following years ago on YouTube. I loved your L&L series 😂😂❤️ Can’t wait to love this too!


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