Disney Alphabet Flash Cards – FREE PRINTABLE

One inspiration for starting my blog was to have a way to share these flashcards with all of you (who are like me) and have trouble with your kiddos learning their letters.

My 4 year old son LOVES this method of learning and I truly think he is the most stubborn learning activity do-er (if that says anything!)

I print them and then laminate them with this laminator I ordered off of Amazon. I also have this pack of sheets to use with my laminator! Then you can cut them and they’re good to go! Laminating definitely isn’t necessary, but I highly recommend doing it so they stay in tact longer!

I print them double-sided to save paper and so they are front/back!

I did doubles of some letters. If you guys want me to make another round of these with more characters, let me know in the comments below and I would love to!

Tag me in your pictures and posts ♡ I’d love to show Griffin pictures of other kids using the flashcards he uses! Find me on Instagram here (:

for the kiddos

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